Saturday, August 16, 2008

Much Better...

Hi everyone-
I just wanted to share that I am feeling much better. After my not-so-happy blog, I took some positive steps in making my stress-much-less and am doing better. I still have a ways to go, and some people in particular to talk to, but I've made some progress.

I spent this morning cleaning the garage with Dad. Whining doesn't work. Bartering doesn't work. Commanding? That works. "Dad, if you don't get in here by 10:30, I will have a nervous breakdown." then reinforced by threatening to trash the box cigars. haha. It relieved a lot of stress...granted, I had to get stressed getting him to do it, but the zen I feel now? So worth it...and it's not even done.

I LOOOVE this dog, and you do too. Just face it.

Homegrown baby! (except the carrots!)
Proud moment: All those veggies in the pan on the right? Those were from my garden and used to make veggie enchiladas: Zucchinni, Bell Pepper, Tomato. They were darn good!

Chris took this picture and almost fell over laughing...apparently, she was hungry. or confused.

This is the project I'm working on- it's for Halloween. I am very happy to finally be a crocheter so I had to do something! I guess that's what happens when you walk through Micheal's and see that all the Halloween stuff has come in. I know, I need a REAL hobby.

This is Gram's very, very belated Mother's Day present. Don't let it's simplicity fool took me a LONG time to knit this. To sum it up, I began it in February...worked on it during the long hours of waiting around on Pageant Day in March...then I knitted it while waiting for Gram's surgery consultation in April (1 hr.) and then after she was supposed to wake up from surgery and be moved to her room (we waited for 4 hrs.) and then I knitted it by her bedside in April (who knows how long) and after the heart attack I put down the needles for some time. In August I finally finished it.

This is my Chihuahua-Terrier mix Benny. He is not very smart, but makes up for it in his terriorialness. He is not a big fan of Bailey, but is quickly realizing that she will be bigger than him soon and is catching up fast.

Bailey..the world's cutest dog. Caption: "Why can't I eat your shoes? >>Pug Sad Face<<" The result of me trying over thirty times to get a picture with this little ball of energy.

She loves her duck- thanks Dad! Why is my sandal over there? Because she insists on taking it with her wherever she's playing. I have the chew marks to prove it!


Andy, Beth and Jennah, too! said...

Love love love the pug!... and all the pictures!! FINALLY! I need to taste some of those veggies. Chris looks great with his Dollartree gun. I'm scared. Gram's blanket is beautiful, LOVE the halloween one!
Glad to hear all is better... Love you!

Steven, Deborah, Ryan and Doggies too! said...

I have to say....that is the cutest pug ever! Cute pictures. Glad to see that someone updated their blog!