Saturday, August 16, 2008

Pirate Pictures Anyone?

My best buddy, Whitney and her family (sorry these are out of order!)
Diana and Nina with the Pug. Nina is the "Pug Whisperer"

Yes loves, those were cake shots... yum.
Warning: Flammable.
Whitney's Dad, Hy (yes, that's his real, not-abbreviated name) rock climbed for years. Apparently, he thought my chimney would be a good idea. He went to the top I think...before we threatened to call the fire department to get him down.

The cake I made (which should have had a darker green frosting) I only have one pan that I like, and that's my Bundt pan, so that's typically the cake I make! haha

Whitney was my bartender- making Mojitos all kinds of yummyness!

Chris and I...very piratey!
So ya, apparently 23 year old guys can find enjoyment from a Dollar Tree foam Pirate Gun.
Now, aren't these the coolest? Whitney saw these in Goodhousekeeping or Woman's Day, something like that- and she acutally MADE them. That is what's great about Whitney, she doesn't just see stuff, she makes it! (I love her Rainbow Jello too!)

Okay, so I will eventually get the hang of this uploading picture stuff- I start uploading at the beginning of my photo folder, only to realize that once I do the next set, they appear above the things get out of order.

I will post another blog with my latest creations and more of my little Puggers Bailey.

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