Saturday, August 2, 2008

If you dream it, they will help...

Life has been pretty crazy in the past year. I've decided that I need to do something awesome- perhaps for my own sanity- but also to prove that I can take the reigns of my own life and do things, even big things that bring me joy and fulfillment.

There are a lot of things that bring me happiness, being with the people I love, knitting, shopping for on-sale accessories, my puppy, sleeping in. I enjoy those things, but one thing that really gets me excited is a project that helps someone else. Well, this time I'm gonna be REALLY happy, because I have a REALLY big project.

On July 22nd this year, I turned 22. It was my golden birthday- and I had a very big idea that day. I want to have Apple Berry 2,200 lipsticks donated to women in Cancer Treatment Centers all over Southern California.

I know, I know, that's big.

Why Apple Berry? Mary Kay the Company is donating 100% of it's profits from the sale of Apple Berry Lipstick to the Mary Kay Ash Charitable Foundation ( This foundation is extremely efficient and uses 97% of it's funds to the actual charities it was intended for- like funding Cancer Research Grants and supporting Domestic Violence Prevention programs (97%! that's only 3% for overhead expenses!)

I strongly support this foundation because of the magnitude of impact it achieves- it's efficient and it awards a LOT of money to help women. Check out the website for the numbers- it's amazing.

To further this project, I am donating my profits back to purchase more lipsticks and hopefully reach that 2,200. So, the company donates it's profits, I donate my profits, and lipsticks go to the hands of women undergoing cancer treatment...pretty cool huh?

Now, what I ask of you reading this, is that even if you can't donate, please, PLEASE pass this on to everyone you know. Can you ask your coworkers, church friends, neighbors or family?

A donation of 2 lipsticks is $16 and arrangements can be made for payment by email (

I can't do this alone and need everyone to pass this on...if everyone just asked 10 people and got those lipsticks donated- I would be able to reach my goal by the end of October (which is Breast Cancer Awareness Month AND Domestic Violence Awareness Month).

Please, please, please help?

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