Sunday, July 26, 2009

Each Day is a Gift! Happy Birthday to Me!

You know, I know you either love pugs, or you hate pugs....but seriously, to me, they never stop being cute. I still get up each morning and go to their crates and say "awwww." The serve as a good motivation to get up, even on "sleep in days," seeing that I feel guilty leaving them crated for too long. I love these girls so much, and their antics make for interesting bouts of entertainment!
John Stewart came on, and she started barking at the tv- Not sure if Bailey is a Republican (barking at him) or a Democrat (barking with him.) But she hasn't barked at the tv when either Sarah Palin or Barack Obama came on lately, so perhaps she just like the Daily Show?

Steven Colbert? She could care less. hahaha.
Kahlua's gangsta one-ear pose.

"Pweease, you know you wants to feed us a cookie."

Eyes that peer into your soul....and demand "nom noms" for Princess.

I'm 23! YAY (I think!) I got to drink out of a "birthday boot," at Barley and Hops beer bar and restaurant.....this beer seriously tasted like flowers, but it was fabulous..better than the Bacon Beer I was dared to try later...Needless to say, after the Bacon Beer I was DONE and woke up with a migrane the next morning. Chris and Whit were smart enough to take a sip and go "gross" and move on, I, on the other hand, was bueno.

For my birthday, Chris made me Curried Chicken, nom nom nom. Then Whit, Chris and I went to Barley and Hops to drink some cold ones. :)

Then we went out to In-N-Out for French Fries and Shakes, very tasty!

All in all, it was a good birthday! I have more pictures to come of the pugs and I all dressed up for my birthday (yes, I am that brand of nerdy) and will have pictures from my party that's happening this Saturday! :)

AND CONGRATS TO BETH, ANDY AND JENNAH ON THEIR NEW HOME, We want pictures as soon as you're settled!