Saturday, February 6, 2010

Random Update

Howdy Ya'll!

Just an update on my life- I just started my final semester at CSUSM and am so ready to be done with my undergraduate career and the crumbling CSU system. (*crash and burn) I haven't heard back from any of my grad schools yet, but get plenty of annoying-heart-skip-a-beat updates from them that aren't actually responses but "updates" and "confirmations" that my application was received. UGH.

My sorority is about to start recruitment week- yay! A lot of prep work has gone into that but I'm way excited to get a new class of girls in. Additionally, I may be attending the Social Justice Summit retreat at school in February and I may be going down to New Orleans for Alternative Spring Break in March or April- whenever Spring Break is. We will be building for Habitat for Humanity but I'm on the "alternate" list so I'm not sure yet if they have room for me :(

I walk the walk on May 15th at the Del Mar Fairgrounds (ya, our school doesn't have a football field). I want to have a Grad Party but have no clue where I can have one (the patio at my house scares me). But other than that- I'm out of updates. OH, I am having a lady's night at my house for Valentine's Day....yayyy. I will hopefully have pictures......we will see ;)

So I thought I had transferred photos from my camera to my computer but I hadn't so you get a bunch of pictures of pugs that aren't mine. I don't think I have a camera fast enough to capture them so sweetly.