Thursday, May 29, 2008

Green Moms! will be launching soon. I don't have kids- but I love reading because it's a great resource for information and inspiration!

Until this site launches on June 1st- check it out at

Perhaps I could win an adorable prize for my baby cousin??

I lied

So that day I spoke of that was supposed to be spent in my pajamas wasting the day away? Didn't happen. As it happens, it was just the opposite. I did a lot of stuff, not all of it being the super fun lounging I had anticipated. Tuesday was my redemption.

Chris and I were "going to the zoo" on Tuesday- and to be honest, I wasn't all too excited to go to the zoo- but since we didn't have the energy, so I thought, to plan something elaborate, we stuck to something local and simple.

Tuesday morning as we hit the road Chris asks me to grab his sunglasses out of the glovebox- and low and behold, there lays a card. Not just any card, but a Project Red (to support AIDS prevention in Africa!) birthday card. My birthday isn't until July, but this particular gift had to be given early because, DISNEYLAND IS CRAZY IN JULY!!!!! So guess what? My shnookums surprised me with a season pass to the Happiest Place on Earth. It was great! The weather was perfect, the lines weren't very long and we ate our "for the zoo" packed lunch and had a jolly time. Photos are as follows:

So photogenic!






And here are some trinkets we picked up for our future establishment together:




But aside from taking this time to write a blog (why am I so addicted) I have accomplished a lot today to make up for my Dland time.

  • I picked up my touchscreen for the June 3rd election (There's nothing that says "desperate for cash" than being a poll worker!)
  • Donated blood and have now caught up to Chris at "Life Level 4" which is pretty rockin I dare say!
  • Finally got our food over to the Fallbrook Food Pantry that the postal worker did NOT pick up on our "Postal Food Drive Day" grr!
  • Visited Gram, calmed her down from the scare of having to go to the doctor without me...then to realize that I could take her after all (Thanks boss!)
Not sure if I will get to planting the rest of my veggies today. The blood bank said to avoid strenuous activity- but if walking up two flights of stairs after a donation didn't kill me, what will?

Enjoy the pictures- try not to laugh too much!

Monday, May 26, 2008

The Weekend Roundup

You know, I have had Western themes stuck in my head for the past couple days...anyone up for a good round of "Davey Crockett" before I begin? Guess not.

I had an awesome weekend, if bragging is allowed. Typically, most would not consider "Destination Fresno" to be a vacation, but for me it was. I spent Friday driving up, catching up my hoardes of podcasts, and rockin' out to my collection of music, probably being reported to the CHP by my fellow motorists. It was worth it.

I got to hang out with mi familia, and we were either eating, eating and talking, or playing with the center of our universe that is baby Jennah. My family let me share the spot with Jennah as they were super nice in feeding me, driving me to and fro, letting me sleep in and cooking for me....well, unless we were talking 'till three a.m.

I got home last night, after the drive home and passed out until 9:30 this morning, where I decided to create my own version of a Ciesta, all day. Life is good. I have nothing on the agenda today and it feels good. Chris and I are going to the zoo tomorrow, but for today we're going to lounge around the CLEAN house (the cleaning ladies are here today, woo hoo!) and play Wii. Yes, we are that cool.

I have some loose ends to tie up with my new school (Go cougars!), FAFSA, the June 3rd election, and my scholarship application, but other than that, it's going to be an easy day. I hope Gram is in a better mood when I go to see her- we'll just hope on that one.

So now, on to the pictures of my weekend. I realize that there weren't any pictures of all of us together....if the slew of us with cameras weren't pointed at Jennah, chances were we didn't bother.

Cool Hand Lukes
An embarassing picture of me at Cool Hand Luke's

And another....I love beans..emmm.

Baby Jennah
One to make you Jealous.

The center of the universe!

So yes, in short, I have the bestest family ever and I love them so! Thank you family! Now for a hard, long day of lounging in my pj's and playing video games in order to ignore my responsibilities...booyah.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Doneness

I like to make up words.

Well, today was my final final at Palomar Community College. I thought it would feel more special or something grand- but was just a relief to be done with the semester.

I got a D in Philosophy. I think the philosophy of my professor was "Life can suck, and I will make it suckier for you." He didn't offer a study guide or review for the final- it was fair game for 23 chapters. I studied, but as predicted, I did not study what he was looking for. Though I inquired several times throughout the semester about my grade, and emailed him about my situation with Gram, he really didn't seem to care too much. He wasn't tracking my grade, and did not post grades online for me to keep track of. He was probably the most apathetic of all my professors at that school. Oh well, the class might not even transfer....

I did well in all my other classes as far as I know- so you know what? After a hellish month, and an over-booked semester, I will be happy with what I got because I tried my best.

My goals for Summer Break are as follows:

  • Finish reading "I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings"
  • See family (in the works- tomorrow)
  • Perhaps have a party/fundraiser for my fall tuition.
  • Go to Dallas in July for MK Seminar
  • Learn to crochet
  • Finish my CSUSM inspired afghan
  • Go through my closets and house, get rid of stuff
  • Take YOGA again!
  • Go to the Zoo (done on Tuesday!)
  • Paw through and knit from my 2 new awesome knitting books
  • Grow a gorgeous garden
Yep, not much of a plan, but still. I'm really trying not to be vague with some of it, but I will fine tune it as I go along.

I have no idea when I will do that fundraiser, I've been too tired to clean up the house and too broke for party supplies. Luckily for me though, things seem to be turning around and hopefully I'll catch a breath and get something planned.

For now, it's oddly RAINING in my hometown and I am happy that I don't have to water my plants.

Adios for now amigos.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Winds are Dying Down...

I don't even begin to know how to describe the complexities of my life as of late. During this last week, I came to find out, at the very last minute, that Grams' health insurance would no longer cover her stay at the Rehab/Nursing Home. They wanted to entrust Gram with her own healthcare decisions, which I agree with, but she, nor the facility ever communicated with us those decisions. Grams form of medical decisions? Not making decisions.

Since Wednesday, without insurance, it has been $190 a day. I had to scramble this week to find a facility to take her for a reasonable fee- we couldn't bring her home for 2 reasons:
1.) She can't walk, especially up flights of stairs to her, we don't even have the tools we need to take care of her.
2.) Having an in-home nurse come would cost about anywhere from $600-$720 a week (8 hrs. 5 days a week). That would save us no money, and that wouldn't get her to-fro the dr.'s appts, food, etc.

My pseudo-reason Number Three:
3.) Quite frankly I was really scared about being soley responsible for her care 2 days a week, or more if dad thought he could save a buck.

All of this happens during Finals Week. Now, technically, my finals week is this coming week- but because some of my professors are cool, they wanted to wrap it up early (good thinking). The rest of them, just wanted to squeeze one last test in before the final (asshats).

Yesterday was going to be my day to study for my three exams today, get some errands done, etc. Instead, it was spent finding a place for Gram. Today, I got up early, went to school, had to skip classes to study for others, but it all came out alright. Needless to say, I came home pretty beat.

Tomorrow, Friday, we are moving Gram out of the Center and to a place called Regency in Fallbrook. I have a whole slew of worries with this. I don't think she has even the strength to get in the car. Dad is not much of a cheerleader. Plus, we have to move some furniture into her new studio apartment at the Assisted Living Facility known as the Regency. Of course, this couldn't have been done untill her physician at the Center in Vista filled out her medical evaluation. Thank God, it was FINALLY faxed over this evening.

Who knew a fax could be so uplifting?

I have no idea how we will make it work tomorrow, but we'll have to. Grams is an emotional rollercoaster day she wants to get better, the next she doesn't. She gets tired and cries easily. She goes from wanting to be a part of the family to not wanting to be a burden.

She also casually said she may have to use my college fund to pay her bills. TAKE NICCOLAS FIRST- oops! Did I say that? Why my sister still has a "college" fund is beyond me, I think Gram has kept it for bail money, I don't know. Wow, that must have sounded harsh...oh well!

You know, to be honest about the situation, I try to give my best to Gram. I frequently have to lie and put on a happy face to try and help her do the same...I know she's 89, but let's see those pearly dentures once in awhile! All I really want from her is to stop complaining about her "being a burden," and not act like my college fund is the first thing to go (SELL THE CATS!!) No indian-givers please. Well, she hasn't technically, given it to me yet- but that was coming....or going. Yeah, I'd have to say it's most likely going.

But to assure everyone I'm not signing up for some shifty student loans or selling body parts I don't necessarily "need" to live- I got a call today...I got a scholarship! I don't know how much it is yet- but I think it's over $500. Only 3 people got it, and I'm hoping it's going to keep me from crying at night and crackin' into my "paid on credit" pint of Chunky Monkey Ben n Jerry's.

The things I say in my blog. Lord. Here's hoping for some commas on that check!

I realize that I could be really discontent right now with the stress, but I think I'm past that point...I'm just really, really tired. It's like, I'm done fighting the rip tide, and now- I'm floating out to sea. I see this as my "Office Space" moment.

I always feel silly if I don't post pictures on my blogs- but I haven't really figured out how to post them as I like them. Most likely they will end up at the beginning of this blog where they make no sense and confuse you until you reach this sentence.

Oh well- I like pictures.

That pic was from the 4th of July 2007. She would kill me if she knew I put it up .....I'll take that risk.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Walkin' Tall

So this is what I've been up to...

My Mary Kay unit got donations together for 80 gift boxes for Foster Moms at one of my favorite charities, Straight from the Heart. Guess who got to make the presentations? ME! I ditched my Religious Studies class and drove across town to SFTH. It felt awesome to make that donation, I took some pictures- and, I happened to run into my ex-boyfriend's former foster mom. It was cool...nuff said.

In the same day- I took a little trip across the freeway and got to visit my future Alma Mater-
CSU San Marcos. I browsed around their TWO bookstores (wow, I'm easily impressed!) and found an awesome sweatshirt that was ON CLEARANCE! I mean, as much as I would LOVE to pay the full $50, I got this gem for $30. I would live in it if I could.

I am going to be going to Mrs. Diem's Memorial today. She passed away almost two months ago- but she was a friend to so many this was the only way to get us all together. PLUS, she was a bargain hunter, and her hubby is a travel agent, so I'm sure they got a good rate. She will be lookin down on us, very happy. I had to buy a blue dress (that was her color....and if you're familiar with IORG, the group I was in- you know the signifcance of our symbols and colors...)

I got the most awesomest book (oh ya, love my grammar!)- Stitch N Bitch. I'm contemplating knitting a sweater. For the record, I am NOT taking summer classes (why would I??) So I'm planning on just gardening, knitting, sifting through my neglected closets and pantry (How do you spell cubbard? Cubbord? I'm having a brain fart). Ooh, and I'm desperate to start up Yoga again.

I'm going to Dallas for Mary Kay over my birthday in July. I'm also thinking of planning a fundraiser to cover my $1,800 tuition, $250 parking permit, $500 books, and the $250 in various material fees I will have to cough up this August. If I could just raise enough for the parking permit, I would be ever-so-gleeful. I'm thinking it will be a Mary Kay fundraiser where I beg everyone I know to buy a lipstick.

I am not below anything I suppose.

It is officially time to get ready and put on my bargain bin dress that is adorable by the way.

**also to be noted, I've been listening to the "More Hip than Hippie" podcast and this episode covers Green Weddings. I played it to Chris and he did nothing more than roll his eyes. Yes kids, it's getting that bad. 2 Years in July- so ya. I think I'll have another 2 years of hint dropping before he finally gets fed up and dumps me. haha.

Have an awesome day!

Friday, May 2, 2008

Outgrowing Diapers

I have been thinking lately at the very awkward place I seem to be in now, known as the "20's." I was visiting my doctor for a checkup, and he said I seem older than 21, and then the knitting in my handbag seemed to confirm that notion. He also added I seem older than I am but I look like I'm 15. Hmm, much to ponder.

For the past several years I've been working to not be another stupid 20-something who just parties and doesn't think about the future. I suppose that I act very adult at times. I live within my means (which isn't much), save all the pennies I can, work my butt off, apply for tons of scholarships, and work my butt off. (Lather: Rinse: Repeat.)

I guess I'm struggling with the notion of being stuck in limbo. I have too much going for me to be young and dumb- nor can I afford those things that 20 crowd enjoys; booze, pointless electronics, clothes and entertainment. I am frugal. I have too much responsiblity to throw it to the wind and act my age I suppose. I have spent the past few years taking care of gram as she gradually could do less and less for herself (the diapers only get BIGGER my friends), and with endless loads of laundry, dishes, healthy meals to cook and cleaning I feel like, well, I feel old.

Granted, there is a solid part of me that doesn't want to be stupid and young. I like eating healthy and saving for my future. I feel like a slob if I don't at least make an effort to combat my bad habits in the house- but at the same time, it's so flippin' boring.

Simultaneously, I don't have all the shiny-good-things that come with being a full-fledged adult. I have no marital status to brag about, no scrapbooks full of awesome adventures I've taken and having four cats does not nearly get you the same amount of admiration as a baby. (You know, I'll just stick with the cats.) My now, (former) roomate was not as cool as some yuppie from campus to hang out with and do that crazy college stuff, nor, was it a hubby. It was Gram. I have not gone on crazy college roadtrips, nor do I get to swoon with my female friends about my romantic honeymoon. I get to talk to my best friend about what it's like to be a 20-something living with an 80-something. Granted, I do love my Gram...but this is definietly NOT what I had pictured for this time in my life. I suppose it just shows how stupid the dreams are of a teenager.

Perhaps I'm feeling a bit out of place? Half of the people I know are living on campus somewhere, doing something cool, and the other half are settling in to domestic bliss with their newly vowed other halves. I have my foot in both ponds and look extremely awkward doing so, and I really don't get to experience the cool parts of either.

I know I'm doing great stuff for my future, yadda yadda yadda. I have two jobs that I work at, a 3.5 GPA, I'm going to CSU San Marcos this fall, I have been and will continue to apply for scholarships, I save every penny I can, I buy things of use for the home instead of designer handbags. I have not pierced, tattooed or partied myself so hard that I have stunted my growth into adulthood- but yet, I feel so much like I'm sitting here watching paint dry. In my mind, that paint is subdued and bland color beige, covering up the bright mural of color of what I thought was to be my crazy 20's.

Yep, just sitting here watching it dry.

I'm 21...why can't I just make up my mind on what life I want to lead? Wow, after much deep though I think I'm going to SPLURGE at dollar tree.

Splurge..... Point taken?