Saturday, January 31, 2009


This my friends, is what I got at WAL-MART! I wouldn't have bought a fleece Obama blanket, I think it's a bit cheesy (coming from Walmart of all places!) but I knew it would really be funny to put on Dad's bed, so I HAD to buy it. My Dad, as you can probably imagine, is not an Obama fan. In fact, pretty much anything different does not go on dad's "awesome radar." Dad's awesome radar picks up on anything that includes buffets, Ford trucks, DVD's, "good deals," steak, cigars and white people who eat meat, drive trucks and enjoy going to buffets. Wow, that just about sums him up. haha...

I'm thinking of redecorating his room in red, white and blue and framing Obama's picture, along with a picture of a same sex, mexican-immigrant couple, that is ordering a tofu dish from a drive thru in their hybrid car. I love my dad, but we do not see eye to eye on politics, at all. He labels me as the "crazy treehugging feminist," because I don't think it's fair to call all Mexicans "illegals" (because they're NOT.) or because I enjoy Thai food, go to college, and prefer small business to big-box stores or perhaps it's because I think Guantamo Bay needs to be closed. Hmm.

Anyway, off my political soap box. If I didn't lose half of my readers here, it will be a miracle- just look at the pretty pictures!

So, Chris, Whitney, Angela and I went to Big Bear a few weeks ago. Angela only went so I would go, because as many of you know, I hate going down big hills while relying on my own skills of balance, (doesn't work, I fall way too much). So, while our buddies hit the slopes, Ang and I went to a yarn shop in Big Bear and I found enough yarn to carry me into the next century, and then we hung out at a wonderful cofffee shop, shopped and at at Quizno's..yes, Quizno's....ugh. haha
Isn't she cute? Literacy is fun-damental!
Where Angela and I hung out while Whit and Chris hit the slopes. I got a Campfire Latte at this little coffee shop, we knitted, read, and enjoyed my score of yarn from Big Bear's HUGE yarn shop. Fun times!
Food after snowboarding, skiing and haha, shopping all day! Lake Arrowhead.
Whitney and I after eating at Lake Arrowhead

Over the Martin Luther King Jr. three-day weekend, I was invited by my school to attend a Social Justice Summit. The SJS retreat was from Friday to Sunday and was at a really nice hotel in Escondido- the food, may I mention, also nice! We first met up on Campus at the Clarke (which is an activity center and gym) and began some activites. We made a "quilt" with pictures that displayed our heritage or our lives, and things unique to us. We played a game where in a giant circle, you step in if you identify with something the group leader says- "I am Christian," "I am male," "I am gay," "I am not sure what I am." etc. This was to let each other know how diverse we are, and to be proud of whatever we are- it was really powerful to see people be brave about their identities!

Over the course of the weekend we did many activities about prejuidice, discrimination and how to combat inequality in our own communities and our lives. On one night, people shared powerful stories of how they had been discriminated, or how they had perpetuated discrimination in their lives- it really affected me. I suddenly was able to relate to people I previously had dismissed as "different."

THE BUS! Our school provided transporation from campus to the retreat...Is it weird I find it awesome my school has a bus that looks so shiny and new?
Cush digs at the Cougar Den on Campus- the first part of the of the Social Justice Summit...Isn't it nice lookin? Check out the cougar picture, I dig it!
Our social justice quilt- every person got four patches to design about their life and what they believed in!
A really interesting activity about social justice- Can you build a tower with angel hair pasta and small marshmellows?
That is the LGBT focus group from the SJS I went to- Our goal will be to raise awareness about the resources on campus for Social Justice and break down walls that alienate people in the LGBT community!
Kevin and I at the Social Justice Summit! He loves Twilight too!
We are so cool...hangin' out at Whitney's house- wearing her Dad's hat. (Her dad was just Installed as Master of our local Masonic Lodge- and instead of a Top Hat, he got a joke Viking hat)
I caught the flash!
Angela wearing Whitney's Dad's "hat" and times!
This, is a Tommy's chili dog. It is amazingly delicious. Dad used to take me to Tommy's in Whittier all the time, Chris and I stopped at one and I had to break my own moral code..oh well!
Double-fistin it! Chris loaned me his for this picture, I didn't actually chow on two.
This is how the pugs spend their cool Socal days, in front of the heater with something to chew on. awwwww.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

"Is There a Theme?" "The Theme? 2009?"

I held a New Year's Eve Party again this year, and since I've had two themed parties for birthdays, everyone wanted to know if there was a theme...I said, "The theme? 2009?" Genius. I could make millions.

There was lots of good food- Lil Smokies, Artichoke Dip, Stuffed Mushrooms, Chips and Salsa, lots of champagne, and yes, a root beer keg!

I luffs crepe paper.
(this was my second attempt at a picture...not very good at picture taking)
(my very tall friend)


(aren't my friends adorable?)
(silly picture of me!)
(what is jared doing?)

I hope everyone had a wonderful New Year and your 2009 is a fabulous one! Here's a toast to you!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Christmas Rocked.

Hope ya'll had a holly jolly holiday- I know I did! Christmas morning was spent at my home with Chris and his parents over for breakfast. We made Martha Stewart's french toast, and I burned the bacon. Yes, have the girl who doesn't eat bacon try and cook it...... real smart!

In my defense, Chris wanted me to use his mom's bacon tray that you microwave to cook the bacon. I had never cooked bacon any other way than in a frying pan. Well, things were fine until I put in the last batch of bacon, and my microwave did it's job- perhaps too well. Not only did I ruin the bacon, but the tray as well. Oh joy!

The toys to donate- not bad for a college kid huh?

Dad opening the pug ornament, and Bailey warming up her laser vision...she thought we still had bacon to steal.
Monkey, back from the dead! The girls DESTROYED their previously beloved Monk-Monk so dad found another one. They were overjoyed...then they got about fifty more chew toys and were onto the next thing to munch on.

Most random gift ever! That red pug lookin' thing in my hand is actually a handbag! Bailey wanted to meet her new buddy. Vanessa, Chris' mom saw this and had to get it for me!

Vanessa and Chris (wearing the new sweater I got him!)

Dad and I didn't plan to match- it just happened that way!
Pugs say hello and Happy New Year!

Chris and I headed to Balboa park last week- those are my new earrings. Hand made glass beads in San Diego- very cool!