Saturday, May 10, 2008

Walkin' Tall

So this is what I've been up to...

My Mary Kay unit got donations together for 80 gift boxes for Foster Moms at one of my favorite charities, Straight from the Heart. Guess who got to make the presentations? ME! I ditched my Religious Studies class and drove across town to SFTH. It felt awesome to make that donation, I took some pictures- and, I happened to run into my ex-boyfriend's former foster mom. It was cool...nuff said.

In the same day- I took a little trip across the freeway and got to visit my future Alma Mater-
CSU San Marcos. I browsed around their TWO bookstores (wow, I'm easily impressed!) and found an awesome sweatshirt that was ON CLEARANCE! I mean, as much as I would LOVE to pay the full $50, I got this gem for $30. I would live in it if I could.

I am going to be going to Mrs. Diem's Memorial today. She passed away almost two months ago- but she was a friend to so many this was the only way to get us all together. PLUS, she was a bargain hunter, and her hubby is a travel agent, so I'm sure they got a good rate. She will be lookin down on us, very happy. I had to buy a blue dress (that was her color....and if you're familiar with IORG, the group I was in- you know the signifcance of our symbols and colors...)

I got the most awesomest book (oh ya, love my grammar!)- Stitch N Bitch. I'm contemplating knitting a sweater. For the record, I am NOT taking summer classes (why would I??) So I'm planning on just gardening, knitting, sifting through my neglected closets and pantry (How do you spell cubbard? Cubbord? I'm having a brain fart). Ooh, and I'm desperate to start up Yoga again.

I'm going to Dallas for Mary Kay over my birthday in July. I'm also thinking of planning a fundraiser to cover my $1,800 tuition, $250 parking permit, $500 books, and the $250 in various material fees I will have to cough up this August. If I could just raise enough for the parking permit, I would be ever-so-gleeful. I'm thinking it will be a Mary Kay fundraiser where I beg everyone I know to buy a lipstick.

I am not below anything I suppose.

It is officially time to get ready and put on my bargain bin dress that is adorable by the way.

**also to be noted, I've been listening to the "More Hip than Hippie" podcast and this episode covers Green Weddings. I played it to Chris and he did nothing more than roll his eyes. Yes kids, it's getting that bad. 2 Years in July- so ya. I think I'll have another 2 years of hint dropping before he finally gets fed up and dumps me. haha.

Have an awesome day!

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Andy, Beth & Jennah too! said...

can't wait to see the sweater... make one for Jennah too... a minature of yours! too cute!!

I'll buy a lipstick... :)