Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Doneness

I like to make up words.

Well, today was my final final at Palomar Community College. I thought it would feel more special or something grand- but was just a relief to be done with the semester.

I got a D in Philosophy. I think the philosophy of my professor was "Life can suck, and I will make it suckier for you." He didn't offer a study guide or review for the final- it was fair game for 23 chapters. I studied, but as predicted, I did not study what he was looking for. Though I inquired several times throughout the semester about my grade, and emailed him about my situation with Gram, he really didn't seem to care too much. He wasn't tracking my grade, and did not post grades online for me to keep track of. He was probably the most apathetic of all my professors at that school. Oh well, the class might not even transfer....

I did well in all my other classes as far as I know- so you know what? After a hellish month, and an over-booked semester, I will be happy with what I got because I tried my best.

My goals for Summer Break are as follows:

  • Finish reading "I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings"
  • See family (in the works- tomorrow)
  • Perhaps have a party/fundraiser for my fall tuition.
  • Go to Dallas in July for MK Seminar
  • Learn to crochet
  • Finish my CSUSM inspired afghan
  • Go through my closets and house, get rid of stuff
  • Take YOGA again!
  • Go to the Zoo (done on Tuesday!)
  • Paw through and knit from my 2 new awesome knitting books
  • Grow a gorgeous garden
Yep, not much of a plan, but still. I'm really trying not to be vague with some of it, but I will fine tune it as I go along.

I have no idea when I will do that fundraiser, I've been too tired to clean up the house and too broke for party supplies. Luckily for me though, things seem to be turning around and hopefully I'll catch a breath and get something planned.

For now, it's oddly RAINING in my hometown and I am happy that I don't have to water my plants.

Adios for now amigos.

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