Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Shake Yo Money Maker!

Good news: The CSUSM party went very well- and Chris finally was guilted enough to get me a balloon bouquet. (I must give credit where credit is due!)

Bailey, who typically doesn't sit still long enough for pictures, sends her warmest regards.

I woke up this morning, not feeling oober bouncy. This is why I'm not going to march up a flight of stairs to get my camera chord to transfer photos onto my blog. I realize I am a lazy panda.

I got my credit card bill this week- and wow. Aside from the big purchase I put on there, it amazes me how much my spending has changed. As it weren't already obvious, gas prices are crazy. I really need my car to start running on dreams- that would be great.

Chris got home early yesterday and I had the day off so we made dinner, he created homemade air filters for his Subaru Impreza and I cleaned up after a long weekend. We had gone to Dollar Tree and found some awesome Piratey stuff, and plenty that had nothing to do with pirates at all. After getting enough accomplished we took an impromtu trip to Temecula.

We went to JoAnn's and Barnes and Noble. First off, let me say, that crafting is expensive. I wanted to make Bailey a pet bed- but to buy the fabric now (the bargain bin at this JoAnn's has some UGLY fabric, so that isn't an option!), stuffing, and any other notions- it would be WAY over $20- the cost of cute pet bed at Target. For a society that doesn't value time- which is costly- they charge a lot for materials in a craft that is so time consuming. It seems counterintuitive. But luckily for Chris and I, we found some cool bandana looking fabric with skulls on it that was $2 off a yard. Chris will be getting pillows. While they are more expensive than Target pillows...well, where else can an Xray guy get custom made pillows? From his rockin' girlfriend that's where.

Chris and I were in the fabric aisle, and I asked a serious question...."So, our future home, uh, how is it going to look?" I mean, I have a ton of Mickey, Pink girly stuff, and then we both share an affection for skeleton stuff. It's weird.
This piece is entitled: "Life and Death"
If you ever get a puppy and want some awesome toys- Petstages makes the best!

Chris has been reading a lot and he is about to finish "Survivor" by Chuck Palahniuk (if that's how you spell his crazy last name) He just bought a new book last night (he, for once bought more stuff than I did!) and I resisted the urge to spend since books are expensive. I have a few knitting books that have gone unused but yet, I always have to fight that urge to buy another book. While I was adamant about him getting the rest of the David Sedaris books (I will be loaning him "Naked") and Chuck Palahniuk's at the library- our library sucks. Since both authors are popular, their work is typically checked out or waitlisted. I'm going to try and find the books on Amazon used- but still...shipping is expensive.

If anything, I can wait till the semester starts to check them out of CSUSM's library, since I'm sure LLU doesn't have anything worth reading...

ramble ramble to work.

Oh, and by the way, those luckyfiona dog collars I ordered on 6/27? The next day, I visit their site on Etsy only to see that they're going on vacation from 6/28-7/9 and that makes me a sad panda.

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Andy, Beth & Jennah too! said...

we too got our credit card bill this week... from the gas company. Double Wow... we are now officially homebound for the remaining duration of the summer vacation months. We cannot go anywhere our little peds can't take us. How depressing these gas prices are! I need to find a way to convert rabbit poop into fuel. We seem to have a never ending supply of that!