Sunday, July 13, 2008


The pARRRty is soon approaching. I will be in Texas over my birthday- but will be back with my eye patch and parrot for my July 25th Pirate Birthday Party. I got some awesome ice cube molds that I just love..Ya, I know I'm trendy. I was tempted to get the "Denture" shaped molds, but I figured no one would enjoy it as much as me. Oh well!

Yesterday was my 1st "Stitch N Bitch" we met at the Crochet Cafe in Temecula, and it was a LOT of fun! I didn't get any pictures while at the SnB because I was too busy chatting and finishing my first crocheted blanket. One of the ladies thought it was crazy I was crafting a dog blanket, but honestly, I had dropped so many stitches, I wouldn't embarass myself to gift it to someone who walks on 2 legs.

The Crochet Cafe is an interesting place. It is located in Old Town Temecula in a quaint little courtyard off the main stretch. It is very small but very cozy and inviting. You walk through the brick courtyard, under Peppertrees, to the little cottage. It is filled with all kinds of great yarns- everything from hand-painted yarns, to soy yarns, to even an antibacterial yarn made from soy and get this- crab shells. It was an ingenious sock yarn that of course, one of our knitters HAD to snatch up because it was too pretty...of course, she will have to learn how to knit socks!

What I really appreciated that none of the ladies were, what I call, "yarn snobs." They were all down to earth, fun and willing to help. Everyone advises everyone and there isn't anyone "above" any kind of craft, skill level, or type of yarn. If someone asks a question that seems absurdly basic, it is rude to make fun of them- you either help or keep your mouth shut. Just yesterday though, I did come across a yarn snob and it really pissed me off. It is kind of an unspoken rule, that if someone is looking for pointers or help in their crafting, that you at least point them in the right direction. It amazes me that some people think that a compliment on someone else's simple project means that you too are "simple," because you enjoyed their work. I suppose I don't get it. If a project looks great and I want to try it, whether it's a garter stitch scarf or a lacy shawl, I don't feel "above" anything to compliment and ask about it. Anyway, I'm done being irritated with that!

What really was special about the Cafe was that it had so much heart. The original owner of the store passed away just a month or so ago. She had Breast Cancer, and her crafted blankets gifted during her Chemotherapy are still displayed. Her best friend and get this, her two teenage boys, run the store! Many of the members of the SnB knew her and it was really heartwarming to see them come back and talk about her. It was sad to hear about her, but so amazing that her shop is staying open.

I resisted the urge to pick up wool yarn for felting and some double-pointed needles so you'll have to commend me for that. I had to get this though- it's Canadian and GORGEOUS. Will it be another dog blanket? I don't know. Yes, Katinka from the SnB would think me crazy. I will admit though, my stash is growing. I have lots of yarn, not all of it works together though. Some of it was given to me for the holidays, other was passed down because other crafters couldn't handle their enormous yarn stash...but I have made a goal to actually FINISH my projects now.

This is a discloth that I have affectionately named my "Hail Mary" Discloths. A few years ago, my Spanish teacher (who really was from Spain and named Mary) would wipe the whiteboard with handtowels in colors similar to these. She had been married for 30 years, but someone had given her the crazy towels as a wedding gift (it WAS the 70's!) She held onto them for years, but finally couldn't stand leaving them in the box any longer, and used them in the classroom. She couldn't wipe the board without chuckling in a thick Spanish accent.

So there you have it folks- my, what I call, "rock climbing" blanket. I had dropped so many stitches the left and right sides are kind of bumpy. It could be El Capitan for all I know. Oh well, Bailey won't mind, and anyway- I'm going to try and crochet a cute lacy trim on it.

Butternut Squash is on it's way! Also, I will have Bell Peppers and Zucchinni too! The Tomatoes are ripening on the vine as we speak, and I can't wait to make Veggie Enchiladas with them!

Life is good.


Steph said...

Hello! Thank you for visiting my blog and I love your background! Your b-day partay sounds great!

Andy, Beth & Jennah too! said...

I wanna SnB to go to... but I don't want to S, can I just B? :)

I want to go to your party! I can't wait to see pictures! Happy Texas trip! Think Pink!

Andy al-muquds said...

Boy, there's nothing else like butternut squash. I bet you lie awake at night in anticipation.