Sunday, June 15, 2008

To Find It Again

Those are my GORGEOUS hydrangeas- made pink by coffee grounds!

I just wrote this whole blog about my life, and I don't think I'm going to post a word of it. Here are some pictures of my garden instead. I will save you the confusion and just refer to my horticulture love.

In addition to spending time in the garden it seems that my carpets have recently experienced an astounding increase in the messes laid upon it.

This is how my day goes:
-Clean kitty litter of poo.
-Clean puppy pad of poo.
-Clean stupid dog's crate of poo. (I need to retrain my older dog of his previous owner, but it's hard!)
-Clean random spots on the carpet...of poo.

There is a lot of "piling" in my house. On Thursday, it seems the "output" was never ending- and then Dad shows up on Friday and scolds me because I missed something. Haha- that was funny. At least I haven't lost the ability to roll my eyes and laugh about it. Now, if I really wanted to get him I could leave it all for him to do- then perhaps he would know.

You know your life is exciting when it centers around poo in your house. I am the epitome of cool.

Well- today is Father's Day and I got Dad a CSUSM Dad sticker for his truck and a Cup. I would have purchased him a shirt but they didn't have any sizes over Medium (how dumb is that? I don't know many Dads that are Mediums!) I also got him a Home Depot Gift Card. I have previously been very frustrated by the fact that each holiday I would go out and put some thought and time into my gifts to him. He would open them, and leave it where it was received and not even throw away the wrapping or put his gift in his room. Well, I got sick of it. Now I go to Home Depot (but I'm thinking Target next time) and get him a gift card. Sure enough, like a lunar eclipse, it's reliable that he leaves it laying out. That is when I snatch it and save it for when I need to fix something around the house. We all benefit and I save myself from becoming an even more bitter daughter? See- it's the gift that keeps on giving!

When my cousins send me pictures of this weekend I will post them because my family is beautiful and I love to share. :)

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Andy, Beth & Jennah too! said...

Poo... it could be a lot bigger and in a diaper!

Thanks for coming to see us at Deb's! It was great to see you... next time bring that cute boy of yours! and your baby girl!... which we need to see more pictures of!