Monday, June 16, 2008

Cutest Family EVER

For once I'm not talkin' about my garden- check out these little sprouts! Seen above is baby cousin Ryan and below is the gang with baby cousin Jennah. See? Babies don't spontaneously combust when I hold them...

I have the world's cutest family ever, and this isn't even the whole gang! Thank you Beth for sharing the pictures!

As for tomorrow, guess what? We're going to Disneyland...AGAIN! As it turns out, June 17th is the Grand Opening of the Toy Story Ride in California Adventure. As it also turns out, tomorrow is NOT a blackout date for Annual Passholders- we are SO THERE.

Why you ask? Well, after I spent a good portion of my Sunday afternoon researching things to do in San Diego County on a budget (that have not already been done before) I couldn't find anything.

Downtown SD prides itself on being a refined area with lots of shopping, dining and baseball games at Pet-co Park. While this is awesome...I can't afford to "Wine-n-Dine" much less the Valet Parking. Anaheim it least we KNOW what kind of a rip-off it is! haha.

Chris and I are very creative in our cooking- tonight I whipped up Nachos with all the fixins, including faux-ground beef. I know you're probably squirming at the thought, but trust me, with quacamole and all that other stuff, you wouldn't taste a difference! It was gooooood.

I was looking at a calendar last night and much as I'd like to be a May or June bride- perhaps October in 2010 would be a good date? I mean, that'd give me plenty of breathing time after I graduate (and Chris does too!) and perhaps 10-10-2010 would be easy for hubby to remember? Hmm- now to just discuss this with future hubbs.

9-9-2009 would never happen so let's be realistic.

Well, Chris hasn't run away screamin' yet, or spontaneously combusted, so I think I'm doing pretty darn well.


Andy, Beth & Jennah too! said...

I'm not bias or anything, but yes... you have the cutest family EVER!

Steven, Deborah, Ryan & Doggies too! said...

I agree! Babies make every family cuter anyway (is cuter a word???)!