Saturday, June 21, 2008


This has been a good week- a very good week indeed. Last night Chris and I saw the Love Guru at our old haunt- the Galaxy Theatre (where we reunited). We had free passes and it was cool inside- that is the only reason why we went. Seeing a movie nowadays means like, $6 for popcorn and $4.75 for a drink + the price of admission. Ridiculous. We brought candy and had free passes, but I had to splurge for the rip-off Pepsi (we got free popcorn too because his friend was working!!) If you liked Austin Powers, you will like this movie. If you hated that trilogy, you will hate this movie. It has the hallmark penis and fart jokes, and plenty of funny play-on-words that you will remember. It was funny though, and yes, it was all centered around CANADA.

My favorite part is when Jessica Alba's character says "You can kiss my Canadian A**" and I wanted to cheer. I didn't though. Canadians don't cheer.

The 4th of July is around the corner and this year, Chris has the day off. Since it's a Friday and he'll be working at the Hospital, the school mandates that since his internship is also a class, he gets the day off. Okay, so 40 hrs. a week that you PAY FOR really sucks, but this is nice. Last year he was workin' at the Depot, and we had to book it on over to Vista to see some fireworks, this year, we may have it easy!
We have deemed that this dog is of American Origin. He poops in his own food bowl. No joke.
Bailey doesn't have a bow- she would probably eat it off. I think she's more Canadian.

This is how you decorate on a budget, just put a bunch of stuff together that works. Boo-yah.I love how JoAnn's has really expenisve home decor but it's always 40-50% off....why? I had to get this though....loooove it!

We went to Disneyland on Tuesday and it was a total bust. We got up early and tried to get there when Cali Adventure opened so we could get in line for the new ride, Toy Story Mania. Little did we know, that the line started forming at 8 a.m. and by the time we got there it was a 4-7 hr. wait in the sun in 95 degree weather. Uh, no. And guess what, there was no Opening Day Surprises (sometimes they give out stuff for the first people in line). We shall return in the Fall when it's not so flippin' terrible. For serious.
This is me outside the Disney's Dream Wedding advertisment. I can only dream of that kind of corniness.

On Chris' one week off- we also went to San Diego and roamed around. It was 90 when we got there, then cooled off to about 85, and it was bearable. We went to Urban Outfitters (a thrift store looking place that charges like, Abercrombie prices) and roamed around. The clothes are pretty stupid and very, thrift-ish but soo expensive. I always make it a point to stop there though because they have great novelty stuff...and funny books. We do a lot of window shopping in SD to say the least... but at least we got to have an affordable lunch at the Rock Bottom- one of our favorite places to eat. Yes Andy, I had Seared Ahi..yum! We even got to join the "Mug Club."
Chris entertains me and my picture taking at the Rock Bottom Restaurant and Brewery.

But one thing I DO purchase is stuff from Sanrio. I LOVE that store. I have been a Sanrio fan since I can remember, because I just find that stuff addicting. Most of it was better when I was 9, like the Hello Kitty plastic wallets that no longer hold my loads of cash I have as a young adult, but they do have some good stuff...Ya, I'm soo nerdy.

Well, I'm gonna take it easy today because my allergies have returned with a vengeance. No matter what the drug companies say on their medicine boxes-it DOES make you drowsy. I have been channeling my inner-sloth for the past day and it's been weird.

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Andy, Beth & Jennah too! said...

looks like you're doing summer vacation right... playing, shopping and sleeping. Perfect! Don't forget to clock in for some "make-out couch time" with your honey. Then, your days will be complete! Thanks for the movie review... I think I may have to take my mom up for an offer for a date night. I don't think Jennah will let us sit through such a film. :) LOVED your pug note! It's on the fridge! xoxo Thanks!