Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Holy Cow!


Hi everyone, Shannyn reporting in again. Life has been a bit stressful lately, as I have had to sit down and try to get a vague idea of where my life is headed in the next year. As you know, I have made the decision to apply to graduate school- and the process really involves a lot of soul searching.

I have to write my first post-high school resume, get letters of recommendation from my professors, take the GRE (which requires months of studying) and worst of all, DECIDE WHERE I'M APPLYING TO! haha! Sofar, my portfolio consists of the following: SDSU, UCSB, Harvard, USC, UCSD, Stanford and perhaps University of Colorado at Boulder. I may or may not actually apply to these schools, I'm still in the sniffing out process. I am applying to two Ivy Leagues because well, having a letter of rejection to frame on my wall from an Ivy League would be kinda cool.

After the inital freak out of having to get the ball rolling on this process, and scrambling to wrap my head around this lengthy app process, I finally was able to break it down into bits. Right now, I'm studying vocab for the GRE, building my portfolio (with application requirements and program information from schools I like), and working on my resume. I was SO lucky to get into a GRE prep course down in San Diego which is $200 (as opposed to the one that's 10 minutes away from my home and costs $1,100). My friend Misty is letting me room with her for those GRE weekends..yay!

This month, we got to celebrate my best friend Whitney graduating from CSUSM..yay Whitney! Chris graduates from LLU this Sunday,....Yay Chris!

Misty and I went Wine Tasting, which involved one quick stop at the House of Jerky.Leonesse Winery, amazing!
Misty and I at Wilson Creek....true Winos!
Making an appearance at the Fairy Tea, I was sick as a dog from the luau food the day before...ugh!

So adorable! The Fairy Tea was a great event, if I hadn't been so ill and it not so chilly it would have been perfect!Our other princess Destiny and I selling tickets at the Fallbrook Film Festival in May!


Andy, Beth and Jennah, too! said...

love the wine glasses... LOL I need to get some like that with guitars for Andy. I think he might actually wear them! You look great for being sick at the Tea Party shin-dig... sounds like it was fun!

Gary Adams said...

I agree with Andy, Beth and Jennah...you do hide your food illnesses well!

Grammie Norie and Poppy Vern said...

WOW..would never know that you were so sick...you hide it well(-:
I love the "Wine Glasses" too-LOL...glad to see you having some down time with great friends. Can't wait to see you!

Grammie Norie and Poppy Vern said...

I wanted to give some love to the "Pugs" Tell them Aunt Norie misses them♥