Thursday, June 18, 2009

I can't think of a clever title...sad.

More pictures from my year as a princess! I'm finally understanding my role, and with that understanding, I totally revamp that role and make it my own. That's how we do.

I'm very excited, this summer has a lot of fun things on the calendar- JULY 4th BABY!!!! But besides, that splendid holiday weekend, there is a lot of philanthropy on the calendar. I wanted this office to be more than mastering the "princess wave," and wearing a tiara, I knew it was an opportunity to make a difference.

In July we'll be baking cookies for our firefighters, in August we have a "Royal-Tea." I was able to get the venue for FREE (thank you Masons!), and we're going to have it as a fundraiser for our various platforms, mine being the Fallbrook Food Pantry. We are going to have a raffle, and are looking for donations of various items. Our Miss Fallbrook's mom is making a quilt to raffle off as well!

I'm trying to coordinate a "Knit-A-Long" at our local yarn shop....the owner's kids are on summer vacay right now so it's been a bit iffy but it will happen eventually!

Me with a wad of cash from selling "quilt raffle" tickets at the Fallbrook Animal Sanctuary benefit tea.
Destiny and I trying on some Silpada jewelry...I LOVE that stuff!

One of the raffle prizes at the Animal Sanctuary benefit tea, the kitty as a tiara!!!

The "crowns" with Micheal from the "Lone Wolf Garage" a local classic car restoration shop.

Hot Summer Nites- an event on various Fridays in the summertime that hightlights local vendors, and allows different classes of cars (Imports, Classics, etc.) to be shown off on Main Street!

Hilarious Moment- "How do you feel about Gay Marriage?" Ya'll know how I feel about it, hahaha Everytime I wear this tiara I get asked that question! Thank you Miss California...let's hope I can answer more eloquently.

Oh yes, I love to SHOP! We were able to work out a deal with Catherine from Divas to get a lil discount!!! I did some damage!

It's so important to support your local economy, I take that job VERY seriously.

A Fallbrook Chamber of Commerce "Sundowner," which is an event for local businesses to mingle, network and of course, support the chamber by buying raffle tickets for prizes and cash!

We sell a LOT Of raffle tickets! I must be a pro by now!
Is it wrong I love holding the cash basket??
The beautiful Miss Melissa, who was the 2008 2nd Princess, who crowned me. She has been a dear friend since we ran together in 2008, and now she is running for Honorary Mayor of Fallbrook! I hope she wins!

A random one from the Animal Sanctuary Benefit!

Well ya'll, that's it for now! I have been a busy little bee this week, but just had to update you with my dorky pictures! I send my love- toodle loo for now!


Gary Adams said...

Hey Shannyn,

Thanks for the update and the new pics. It looks like Fallbrook is a pretty tight-knit community! You'll have to give me a tour when you have time between planning for grad school and fulfilling your responsibilities as Fallbrook royalty!

Andy Norman said...

How about "The Princess in her principality." for a title, cause princessipality isn't a real word.

Grammie Norie and Poppy Vern said...

I think it's great to have a Princess in the family, sure make me feel important (-: Keep selling those raffle tickets...See you soon! Love, Aunt Norie