Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Summer Wind, is Blowing In!

Another pic of us at's our family within a family...Lacey, top left is the oldest member who took Liz as a little sis last year, and Christiana as a little this year...since I'm Liz's little, Lacey is my "grand big" hope that makes sense!

Two ladies I'll really miss who just graduated.. this is our senior dinner where the soon-to-be graduates get presented with their stoles to wear with their cap and gown!

Some of our "family" in AxiD before semi-formal... peace! :)
Some of the girls and me at AxiD's semi-formal!

Christiana and I before Alpha Xi Delta initiation

My Big Sis and I in our new matching letters... (it's tradition for the little to give her sis a painted paddle and the big to give her little sis a set of matching letters) You cannot wear greek letters untill you are initiated so I was super happy to be able to get these! You can't really see, but the pink part has hearts on it! :)

Another funny picture of me from pageant night! hahahha

Preparing for the Little Miss and Mister Avocado (a contest for kids ages 4-10) can see our excited police escorts, hahaha
The avocado derby 500. Destiny, our other princess beat Christiana and!

This is me and a former contestant from my first year, and awesome chick named Rachel...she works where we had our chamber golf tournament fundraiser!

Right now I'm about to make a phone call to one of my professors to talk about Grad School options. I'm still in the very, VERY early stages....meaning, I am still looking into what program interests me, where to go, etc. I haven't even scheduled my GRE exam yet, but got a book about it, and found a free info session on the GRE exam.

So far, I'm looking into getting a MA degree (most schools now-a-days that I've looked into only allow you to get an MA with the idea you'll stay for a PhD...oh god!) at UC Santa Barbara, UC Berkeley, UC San Diego, USC and maybe an Ivy League School for kicks and giggles. hahaha!

I just started pawing around their websites, so it's still in it's infancy stages...I haven't even decided where I'm applying, so don't quote me on those schools later! ;) I met with a friend yesterday who got into George Washington University in DC (holy COW!) and she gave me some pointers on how to start this whole process- it is NOTHING like applying to an undergraduate program I come to find out. Eeeek!

I have officially formulated my "Grad School folder (of doom)" as I call it..which has tabs for all the schools I'm seriously thinking about, for addresses, due dates, etc. Apparently, I've been must keep organized or you may miss a due date or forget to submit a required document!!!!!

Failure is not an option...but PRAY FOR ME! I'm really intimidated by this whole process!

Love you all and hope we can get together SOON for some fun times and good food! :) Miss you!


Andy, Beth and Jennah, too! said...

you've been prepared for what will come next... you'll be great at whatever you do... you'll have a great time where ever you go... enjoy the ride. (better you than me! LOL)

Gary Adams said...

Grad school would be an excellent option right now with the economy in the dumper. I considered an MBA for a quick second until I saw the $50+K price tag! Not putting it off altogether, just now now!

I have no doubt you'll make the right decision...

Grammie Norie and Poppy Vern said...

We are all so proud of you, just don't run to fast, like Bethie, enjoy the ride, we are here when ever you need to re-group, relax and eat Somores until your tummy pops! Can't wait for your next visit!!!! We Love you!!!!

Marisa said...

It would be SO awesome if you got into Berkeley. We'd FINALLY be neighbors (I live about 20 minutes west of Berkeley).

Keeping my fingers crossed for you!