Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Today is Blog Action day and I want to talk about poverty.

It is so alarming as an American to turn on the news and hear that the sky is falling on our economic security. Every news hour details the panicked rise and fall of the stock market, and we all panic even if we don't own any stocks! We are all clutching our wallets even tighter now, not sure what the next economic forecast will tell us.

It seems to be a scary time- but I hope we can turn off our television sets and helps those who have been in a financial crisis of their own for even longer.

Today I am taking several boxes of food to our local food bank and wholeheartedly encourage you to do the same. Go through your pantries and find food that hasn't expired that you have too much of or will expire before you use it.

In my cupboard I found tons of stuff I would not use before it would expire. Things we bought in bulk that seemed like a "great idea" from Costco are now collecting dust. Why my dad bought a three pack of economy sized ketchups I will never know, nor will I understand how we accumulated so many cans of fruit.

I also went to the local store and found stuff on sale that I needed (tuna helper), but didn't need 10 for 10 dollars, so I'm giving the extra boxes away.
So this serves as a great excuse to clean out those pantries and do something good for the community. This year showed record job loss- 159,000 were laid off in September alone. People are losing their homes across the country. We know about it, let's do something!

I will soon be taking my boxes of food to the Fallbrook Food Pantry- let's all take a stand to feed hungry families and do what we can!

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