Wednesday, October 15, 2008

So Lucky!

Today is a great day. I have the day off from work, I have two awesome ladies helping me clean the house, I finished two of my midterms (one of which I got an A on...everyone else I talked to didn't do so well!!), it's Blog Action Day and...MY LAPTOP WORKS AGAIN!

Okay, so, not-so-funny story. On Sunday I was working on stuff and I spilled tea near my lappy. It wasn't ON the lappy, but near it. Apparently though, a few rouge drops found there way onto it's side and front and the computer would not work. I was devastated. I had midterms this week, a 5 page paper to work on, and well, fixing or replacing it was not in the budget! I talked to Chris and my boss' husband Phil and they said to just let it dry out for a couple days, and if that didn't work, then to take it in for fixin'. Chris plugged it in last night (still didn't work) and put the battery back in. This morning- A MIRACLE...IT WORKED! I type this as I ever so carefully sip my coffee...soo carefully!

So- things in my life at the moment seem to be getting back to a happy place. For my family, I apologize for not calling, I have been thinking of all of you. I guess I've been going through the motions, just trying to get through school and adjust. I guess I've reached equilibrium and I'm doing better.

I've taken a step back from other responsibilities and have been focusing on having as much fun as possible. I've started working on several amigurumi projects (crocheted little creatures) and I've been getting active in several causes I care about with the election coming up. It's really brought some things into my life that I'm proud of and make me feel whole again.

I'm going to post pictures of what I've been working on- not my actual projects (because they aren't done and are not interesting to look at!)

I will also be posting another blog about why this day is so incredibly on!

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Andy, Beth and Jennah, too! said...

jennah needs some of these cute little creatures! TOO CUTE!! Do you have school on Nov 10-11?... I have a 4 day weekend... and hoping to MAYBE talk Andy into taking a few days off... and come down for a visit!...