Saturday, February 6, 2010

Random Update

Howdy Ya'll!

Just an update on my life- I just started my final semester at CSUSM and am so ready to be done with my undergraduate career and the crumbling CSU system. (*crash and burn) I haven't heard back from any of my grad schools yet, but get plenty of annoying-heart-skip-a-beat updates from them that aren't actually responses but "updates" and "confirmations" that my application was received. UGH.

My sorority is about to start recruitment week- yay! A lot of prep work has gone into that but I'm way excited to get a new class of girls in. Additionally, I may be attending the Social Justice Summit retreat at school in February and I may be going down to New Orleans for Alternative Spring Break in March or April- whenever Spring Break is. We will be building for Habitat for Humanity but I'm on the "alternate" list so I'm not sure yet if they have room for me :(

I walk the walk on May 15th at the Del Mar Fairgrounds (ya, our school doesn't have a football field). I want to have a Grad Party but have no clue where I can have one (the patio at my house scares me). But other than that- I'm out of updates. OH, I am having a lady's night at my house for Valentine's Day....yayyy. I will hopefully have pictures......we will see ;)

So I thought I had transferred photos from my camera to my computer but I hadn't so you get a bunch of pictures of pugs that aren't mine. I don't think I have a camera fast enough to capture them so sweetly.



Lindsey said...

Ohhh Shannyn, I admire you so much!! Remember how amazing you are!! Loving the pug pictues!! CUTE!!

Gary Adams said...


Congrats on your upcoming commencement! Keep your head up while waiting for grad school acceptance letters--they probably had more than usual to process due to everyone being out of work and returning to school.

Which schools are your top three picks?


Grammie Norie and Poppy Vern said...

You are my idol! Can we come down in May? We will be so proud to watch you walk the walk! Love You♥