Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Introducing Shannyn, Official Sorority Girl.

It's official, I'm an Alpha Xi Delta girl! After a crazy recruitment (Rush) week, the greeks have spoken! At our school, we can rush for three sororities, Alpha Chi Omega, Alpha Xi Delta and Alpha Pi Sigma. Over the course of a week, you go to different events for all the sororities, and get to know the girls, and they get to know you. The week started with about 90 girls rushing, and ended with 33 in Alpha Xi Delta (The Alpha Gamma Class!), about 29 in Alpha Chi Omega and 4 in Alpha Pi Sigma.

On Saturday, you get a call to see if you're invited back to "Preference Day," and I was invited back to all three sororities, talk about exciting! Sadly, this is the time when some girls don't get invited back (they didn't qualify due to GPA, missed events, didn't really socialize, etc.) and some girls only get invited back to one sorority, luckily it's usually the one they wanted. I then went to two of the three sororites, and made my pick on Sunday. You are asked to write down your first and second choice for sororities, and the sororities submit a list of the top girls they'd like back. Then, the Greek Advisor Team complies the lists in secret and tries to match the girls up to where they wanted and who the sororities wanted (complicated I know). Monday was "Bid Day," and was so exciting- the girls in the sororities don't know who is going to join, and you don't know if you got the one you chose as your #1. Each girl is given a bag with her name on it, and everyone rips them open at the same time, then runs outside to find their sorority, it was intense! Here is the Alpha Gamma Class meeting with the current girls- getting gifts and pink roses (our flower)

Just the girls of the Alpha Gamma Class- 33 new sisters, me included!

Can you find me? (hint, far left, near the bottom)
After the "Bid Acceptance" we went to Deanna's house for Pat N Oscars and some time to hang out!
All of us- holy cow we're big!

I am SO elated to be an Alpha Xi Delta girl- I knew when I met the girls during Fall that they were the ones I connected with......I'm so glad they wanted me in their sorority too! Our colors are light blue, dark blue and yellow. Our flower is the pink rose, our mascot, the teddy bear. Our motto, "Realize Your Potential," and symbol is the quill (the pen is mightier than the sword!)

On Monday I will pledge the sorority (whatever that means!) and will be initiated at the end of the semester. I will get a "Big Sis" that will be revealed in March, and I have no clue who she will be, yet another surprise! (Surprises are definetly a sorority thing!)


Andy, Beth and Jennah, too! said...

did you ever think that you weren't going to get chosen?... I'm sure as they were going through all of the names... they came to you and said "of course!"... and moved on quickly! Congrats!!! We're so proud of you!!!!

Gary Adams said...

Congrats Shannyn!

Does that mean you'll be moving to a sorority house? BTW, does CSUSM have a Sigma Alpha Epsilon (SAE) frat on campus? I had some classes with and used to work with a bunch of those guys back when I was in commercial real estate--those dudes can party!

Grammie Norie and Poppy Vern said...

Sounds like a TON of fun...I found you in the group shot....everyone is so beautiful!!! So very proud of you!!!! Love, Aunt Norie