Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Don't Wait, Procrastinate NOW!

(A really bad picture of me, but it was the only one where they held still long enough to take a picture!)

This time of year is always so crazy. It seems that my Christmas card list grows each year, and I always have more and more difficult classes. I got the tree and decorations up, and yesterday the lights went up outside. I couldn't wait a night longer without seeing a little twinkle-action on my street!

I would normally be in classes now, but since it's finals week I don't have anything to turn in or test on until tomorrow and Thursday. So, what does that mean? I have more time to procrastinate on studying and wrapping up those essays. Needless to say, I've mentally checked out on most of the stuff- I understand the material, so, can we just call it a day and give me my grade??

I know, that is not the way college works. This is why I'm on here, putting off the inevitable.

This weekend I'll be seeing my friend Mely who has been studying in Australia will be in Socal. There is a Holiday Rememberance that Hospice puts on, and then after that I have a Holiday Gift Show to try and scrounge up a few extra bucks before the holidays- anyone need any lipstick? Haha...no? I tried.

I am currently crocheting an afghan for Dad. It took 15 balls of yarn- 5 of each color, Chocolate, Dusty Green and some shade of blue in Vanna's Choice. I would take a picture, but alas, that would require me to locate the camera. So enjoy the pictures of the puggies instead!


Lindsey said...

Well...I think it's a great picture of you and the girls! I love the cute collars on them. Where did you get them? The tree looks great and I'm with you, why can't they just give us our grades and forget the test? Ugh. You're doing fabulous!

Andy al-muquds said...

Good luck on finals. Just remember, when it comes to your classes and last minute studies, if you haven't figured it out by now then what makes you think you'll get it in the next two days, ergo, go have fun and don't waste your time studying.
Was that bad advise?

Shannyn said...

Nope Andy, I like the way you think! I typically 'check out' during finals, I do my review and try not to freak out too much- like you said, if I don't know it by now, cramming won't help. I do a once-over or make a study guide, then it's back to my Wii-life or crafting!

Steven, Deborah, Ryan and Doggies too! said...

Get to work and start studying already! Just kidding! I'm with andy on this one! Anyway, when college is all said and done you won't remember 75% of it anyway! Just ask me!