Sunday, December 21, 2008

Cause your Friends Don't Dance, and if They Don't Dance Then They're No Friends of Mine!!!

I have had "Safety Dance," stuck in my head for two days now. Since I have implanted it in your head now, I expect you to rock out! If you want to dance to it, go to and look it up, it'll play from your browser, (that's how I roll!)

So I am very happy to inform you that my project- the crocheted Corporate Zombie from the Creepy Cute Crochet book is DONE! I saw this book while browsing the book store back in spring. At the time, I didn't know how to crochet, much less make a zombie. But I found the zombie, along with some other patterns (they have a skeleton!) that I knew would be perfect for some friends of mine. It was then my quest began.

I spent a few afternoons with my Godmom Jan who showed me the moves- I learned how to crochet, double crochet, double half crochet, and then, crochet in the round. I had the tools I needed! She even gave me TONS of yarn, needles, pattern books and even more pointers.

I started out crafting amigurumi (that's a term for a japanese style of doll making with crochet) and made two octopus (how do you pluralize that?)... ....candy corn, and I'm working on stuff for my baby cousins that will get done eventually (I promise!) Then, I turned to the Creepy Book.

I hit a major roadblock when I had to craft the hair. I didn't have the lace loom that the book called for, so I made do with a piece of plastic that used to be the ruler from my planner. Getting the hair off the plastic was a pain, so I put the doll in the craft bin, unfinished for a month.

Then, Dad got me the lace loom and I was finally motivated to finish the project. Now, mind you, this project was intended for my friend's birthday in OCTOBER. Problem was, the book came late, then I had to figure out how to make the darn thing...and by mid-November I was so irritated by the hair, I gave up. I had originally planned to give him this doll with a bottle of Zombie Zinfandel I found at the market, but I had to just give him the wine sans the doll until now. He will get this doll as a Christmas gift.

The doll, which I have named Ed, is posing with my favorite Zombie flick. Mind you, it's the only Zombie movie I will watch. Nevermind it's a funny movie, but it's the only one that doesn't scare the bejessus out of me.

I picked up this cute little doll at my local yarn shop- it was handmade by someone in my town and it was an impulse buy (along with the yarn below I am crafting into a scarf!)
This scarf is made of a soy/wool blend- it is very soft and I love crafting it. My regret is that I did not think of a more creative ribbing pattern, but I was cold and just wanted to start another scarf. My hometown has been rather cold (not in comparison to some places) but I was cold and unprepared- let the knitting commence!

Of course, here are just a few of the dishclothes I crocheted for gifts. I am not overly happy with how they turned out. But I learned a new stitch (dcfp) and it was jolly.

Now it is getting close to Christmas day- most of my crafting is done- except for Dad's afghan which I am still working on...I will post pictures when it's done. Oy.


Andy, Beth and Jennah, too! said...

I LOVE THE DISH CLOTHS! I want some... how much for a set?!?!?

Steph said...

Hi - thank you for visiting my blog. Love the corp zombie!