Friday, August 7, 2009

It's Time to Party- Young, Broke and Fabulous Style!

Yep, it's official! I'm 23, and life is as fabulous as ever! I celebrated with a "Young, Broke and Fabulous," Party at mi casa, and had a lot of friends stop by to party! I will let the pictures speak for themselves!

Fun times with a few of my AxiD sisters!

Gather 'round children!
:) Fun times!

Isn't that adorable? My friend Amanda made me cookies and the pugs some cookies of their own! The card was handmade too- love it!

Anita's "hangover survival kit," (which I haven't had to use, but is useful!) Includes Pepto Bismol, Advil, Ice Pack, and much more, soo cute!

My friend Nina cross-stitched this for me, gorgeous huh?

AHHH! My friend Christiana, our Miss Fallbrook, made me this AWESOME jacket. We're in the same can;t see inside the hoodie, it's a princess crown print!

I want to wear this even if it's 100 degrees outside!

I start school in a few short weeks, and am still waiting on my internship schedule at Girls, Inc to be established. I am taking mostly evening classes, and some online courses, so we will see how it works out! I'll keep you posted!

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Grammie Norie and Poppy Vern said...

WOW...What a B-Day shindig..nothing better than wonderful friends to share it with.