Friday, April 10, 2009

My Wonderful Life...My Wonderful Family!

I got to go to FRESNO this past weekend! woo hoo! I got to hang out with my Rainbow peeps and also with my awesome family who always keep me entertained!

Every year in Spring I come up to Fresno for an annual conference for Rainbow, this year I was graciously invited to stay at the "Hotel Birchfield" instead of the Radisson! My friend Misty (an officer from my year) and I stayed at Vern and Norie's house, and the whole gang dropped in to hang out- it was fun. Not only did we get to go to Big Hat Days, make delicious hamburgers and s'mores, but I got to walk through a Walgreen's with no shoes on- pretty cool! haha!

Misty and me at Grand can read her like a book! haha

Cousin Travis!
His friend and roomie Luke!
Part of the gang at Big Hat Day...Jennah Bean is staying hydrated and full of cheetos!
Sno-Cones are fabulous in Fresno weather!
That was his second virgin he didn't get ill, I don't know!
Peas in a pod!
Babies don't look in cameras!

Misty on the Ripstick, lookin' cool before the not-so-fun falling part!
woops, crooked picture... haha...Smores!

Thanks family! I had a blast with you and miss you already! I owe ya'll s'mores at my house!


Andy, Beth and Jennah, too! said...

it was SO fun having you in town... can't wait to see you "s'more" soon! LOVE YOU!! xoxo

Grammie Norie and Poppy Vern said...

We love it when you come stay with us...hopefully when you come up this summer you will stay a little longer...I'll have your room painted by then..We wish we weren't so far away... Love You, Aunt Norie OXOXO